Alexis was made in Buckinghamshire in the year 1979.

While studying Philosophy & Psychology at the University of Warwick he became a founder member of the student sketch group Ubersausage. At the Edinburgh Festival that year the group got some great critical acclaim and got well and truly had by Sacha Baron Cohen in the guise of Borat. Yep, you can still find it somewhere on the web…

Still, you can't read sarcasm on posters, so "'Greatest comedians in Britain' - Sacha Baron Cohen" was used in big bold type the following year. And where is he now eh? ...


Anyway, here's a brief timeline of comedy things Alexis has done that he is proud of since then:

1999 - UBERSAUSAGE (sketch group) - Edinburgh Fringe

2001 - UBERNACHT - Edinburgh Fringe

2003 - Started on London comedy circuit


2008-10 - CAT OF THE WEEK (sketch group) - London circuit, Edinburgh Fringe, Leicester Comedy Festival

2008-10 - A R*DDY BRIEF HISTORY OF SWEARING - Edinburgh Fringe, Cheltenham Literature Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival

2009 - MARCEL LUCONT: SEXUAL METRO - Adelaide Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival

2009 - THE HOTEL - Edinburgh Fringe

2009 - MARCEL LUCONT'S CABARET FANTASTIQUE - Edinburgh Fringe, Last Days Of Decadence

2010 - A SURPRISINGLY TASTEFUL SHOW ABOUT NUDITY - Adelaide Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Leicester Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe

2010 - MARCEL LUCONT'S CABARET FANTASTIQUE - Edinburgh Fringe, London

2010-12 - MARCEL LUCONT: ENCORE - Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Brighton Comedy Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival, Fringe World Perth


2011 - MARCEL LUCONT ETC. - A CHAT SHOW - Adelaide Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe

2011-12 - ALTERNATIVE COMEDY MEMORIAL SOCIETY (board member), New Red Lion Theatre

2011 - THE HORNE SECTION - Edinburgh Fringe, Criterion Theatre

2011 - SET LIST, Edinburgh Fringe, Soho Theatre London

2012 - CARS AND GIRLS - Edinburgh Fringe, Bedford Fringe, Buxton Fringe

2012 - MARCEL LUCONT'S CABARET FANTASTIQUE - Spiegeltent, Fringe World Perth

2012 - MARCEL LUCONT: GALLIC SYMBOL - Edinburgh Fringe, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Brighton Comedy Festival



2012 - RUSSELL HOWARD'S GOOD NEWS - BBC3 - standup guest

2013 - SET LIST - Sky Atlantic - performer

2013 - PRAMFACE - BBC3 - concierge

2013 - LIVE AT THE ELECTRIC - BBC3 - Marcel Lucont

2013 - MARCEL LUCONT: GALLIC SYMBOL - Melbourne Comedy Festival, Brighton Comedy Festival UK Tour

2014 - DEREK - C4 - French waiter

2014 - MARCEL LUCONT IS - Edinburgh Fringe, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Brighton Comedy Festival UK Tour

2014 - CARS AND GIRLS (new version) - Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe

Awards / accolades

Top 10 Most Memorable Shows Of 2014 - Chortle

Winner - Mervyn Stutter's Spirit Of The Fringe Award - Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Winner - Fringe World Award - Best Comedy Show 2013

Winner - Alternative Eurovision Song Contest - London Wonderground 2013

Winner - Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards - Adelaide Fringe 2013

Winner - Amused Moose Comedy Award - Best Comedy Show 2012, Edinburgh Fringe

Nominee - Best International Show 2012, New Zealand Comedy Festival

KeepingUpWithNZ - Best International Show 2012, New Zealand Comedy Festival

Nominee - Best Comedy Show 2012, Fringe World Perth

Spank! Award - Best Headliner 2010, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe

Winner - Buxton Fringe Award 2009 - Best Comedy Individual

The Scotsman Fringe First Award 2009 (as part of 'The Hotel')

Three Weeks Editors' Choice Award - Top 10 Edinburgh Fringe Experiences 2008

Chortle Award - Best Small London Comedy Venue 2008 (promoter)

TV Appearances

John Bishop's Christmas Show / Lola Productions / BBC1

Derek / Derek Productions / C4

Pramface / BBC / BBC3

Set List / Princess Productions / Sky Atlantic

Russell Howard's Good News / Avalon / BBC3

End Of The Road / Swift Films / Discovery Channel

Flashprank / MTV

Visa Comedy Gala / TV3 (New Zealand)

AotearoHA Comedy Carnival / TV3 (New Zealand)

The Crunch / Nickelodeon

Nathan Barley / Talkback / C4

Garth Marenghi / Avalon (pilot)

The Bill / Talkback / ITV

MTV On Call / MTV

Let's Write…Non-Fiction / BBC

Bring It On / BBC

International Gigs

The Comedy Store, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Rhino Room, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

The Movie Bar / Studio Smijeha, Zagreb, CROATIA


Kino Sõprus, Tallinn, ESTONIA

Apollo, Helsinki, FINLAND

Laughing Horse, Nice / Antibes / Monaco, FRANCE

Toomler, Amsterdam, HOLLAND

Maastricht University, HOLLAND

Budapest Comedy Club, HUNGARY

Laughter Lounge, Dublin, IRELAND

Laughter Lounge, JERSEY

AotearoHA Comedy Carnival Tour, NEW ZEALAND

The Classic, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Stand Up Bergen, NORWAY

San Francisco Bath House, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

Warsaw Comedy Club, POLAND

Private gig, SEYCHELLES

Blu Jazz / DXO / Stereolab, SINGAPORE

Cvetlicarna / Satchmo Club, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Town Hall, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Giggling Guiri, Barcelona and Madrid, SPAIN

Laughter Lounge, Barcelona, SPAIN

The Comedy Store, Los Angeles, USA

Magnet Theatre, New York, USA

Cinematheque, Hanoi, VIETNAM

Alternative Biography

Alexis Dubus was raised by swans following a boating accident on the Thames when all two of his parents dissolved.

Alexis was possessed by demons in 1993, and again by mistake in 1996. Fortunately they were the kind that don't like to make too much of a fuss.

Alexis Dubus is Latin for "Illiterate Mace-Sheath."

Alexis was conscripted into comedy during the famous worldwide comedian shortage of 2001. Due to the smallprint he is contracted to continue this profession until the day of his death, or the day he makes a Milton Keynes audience laugh, whichever comes first.

Alexis Dubus is 62% water.

Alexis can clap his hands no more than 3,600 times in his life or he will perish.

Alexis believes that every time you sneeze an angel gets mumps.

Alexis is a proud part-time member of the Meat Percussion Orchestra Of Great Britain.

Alexis holds the world record for steampopping.

Alexis Dubus is the current heir to the throne of Utopia.

Alexis' first solo show in 2007 was deemed 'not a success.' In fact, "Alexis Dubus Kicks The Piss Out Of A Grouse" was stopped after 17 minutes, for some reasons.

Alexis Dubus would never have believed, in the last years of the nineteenth century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space. No one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinized, as someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets and yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us.